Media Theorist Daniel Eschkötter Coming in May to Work on Kluge Archive

EschkotterDaniel Eschkötter, Researcher and Lecturer in Media Studies at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, will spend the months of May and June in Princeton as a DAAD-short term research fellow in the German Department’s Alexander Kluge Research Collection. During his sojourn, Eschkötter will be working on a chapter of a book he is completing on cinematic spectrologies of history.

After studying German philology, philosophy and political science in Münster, Hamburg, and at Johns Hopkins University, Eschkötter was a doctoral fellow in the PhD-program “Figure of the Third” in Konstanz and in the Graudiertenkolleg “Mediale Historiographien – History of Media/Media of History” in Weimar, Erfurt, and Jena, where from 2010 until spring 2014 he was also the academic coordinator. From 2009 until 2013 Eschkötter was also a member of the DFG-research network “Art and Work.” He is one of the editors of the German media studies journal Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft and a regular contributor to the German quarterly CARGO Film/Medien/Kultur. His research interests include media history, film theory, theories of the institution, and politics of the procedural. Eschkötter’s recent publications include a small monograph on the television series The Wire (Berlin/Zürich: Diaphanes, 2012) and a volume, co-edited with Bettine Menke and Armin Schäfer, entitled Das Melodram. Ein Medienbastard (Berlin: Theater der Zeit, 2013)