Prof. Dr. Insa Härtel (International Psychoanalytic-University Berlin)

“Sexuality as failure: Psychoanalytic concepts, cultural perspectives”

Date: March 13, 2018
Time: 4:30pm
Location: 106 McCormick

This lecture will examine the ways in which the so-called scandal of the sexual (Oberlehner 2005) is negotiated today. In Western societies a removal of the old sexual moral is predicated: there is talk, for example, of negotiating morals accompanied by the “demand for an agreed-upon, ratified sexual behavior” (Schmidt 1998). While there is of course much to be said for communicative consent, something nevertheless seems to escape consideration here. From a psychoanalytic perspective one might ask: what about sexuality in its potential dis-integrating quality? Shown in view of selected cultural productions, this lecture will confront the question as to what is missing in today’s cultural concepts of sexuality.

Organized by the Program in Contemporary European Politics and Society and co-sponsored by the Program in European Cultural Studies and the Department of German.