Course of Study

Each student’s course of study follows an individually designed plan that takes into account the candidate’s previous training, present interests, and future goals, as well as the department’s general idea of what constitutes a well-trained Germanist. This plan is developed on a term-by-term basis in close consultation between the student and the Director of Graduate Studies. Candidates with no previous graduate training are expected to take twelve one-term seminars of their own choosing over a period of four semesters. The department offers four to five graduate seminars per semester, and nearly all of our students supplement their departmental course work with courses taken in other departments, such as philosophy, art history, history, comparative literature, and the School of Architecture. The department endeavors to rotate most of its offerings in order to ensure that each comes up at least once in any two-year period. Titles and descriptions of most of these courses are purposely general in order to accommodate different special topics from year to year. A list of recent seminar offerings gives some indication of the range of possibilities.