Oxford-Princeton Research Collaboration: Encounters

This cooperation between the German Faculties at the University of Oxford and Princeton University has sponsored, since 2009, a series of annual conferences and exchanges between faculty and graduate students from both institutions.

Michael Jennings, Ben Morgan, Anthony Phelan, Directors

Princeton Steering Committee: Leora Batnitzky (Religion), Eduardo Cadava (English), Brigid Doherty (German), and Anson Rabinbach (History)


2009 – Walter Benjamin and the Theory of Media (Princeton)

Selected conference papers published in the journal Grey Room (39 – Spring 2010 Special Issue: Walter Benjamin’s Media Tactics: Optics, Perception, and the Work of Art, Michael Jennings and Tobias Wilke, eds.)

2010 – Walter Benjamin and Anthropology (Oxford)

Selected conference papers published as Benjamin’s Anthropology (Freiburg: Rombach 2011), Carolin Duttinger, Ben Morgan, and Anthony Phelan, eds.,

2011 – Rhetorics of Religion in Germany 1900-1950 (Princeton)

Selected conference papers will be published online as Princeton Working Papers in Religion and Culture

2012 – Everyday Practices of Cultural Transformation in Germany, 1919-1977 (Oxford)