Undergraduate Departmental Majors

Class of 2020

Janice Cheon

Janice Cheon is a Junior in the German Department pursuing certificates in Humanistic Studies, Medieval Studies, and Musical Performance. Her interdisciplinary academic interests range from aesthetic theory and its application in arts and literary criticism, Romanticism, Speech Act Theory, and twentieth-century reception of Medieval art and literature. With the support of the department, she has participated in Princeton-in-Munich and interned at the Museum Wiesbaden and with Professor Ingrid Bennewitz at Universität Bamberg. Outside of the classroom, she is the artistic director of the Princeton Chamber Music Society; plays violin with the Princeton University Orchestra and Early Music Princeton; gives tours at the Princeton University Art Museum; and serves as a research assistant for Professor Wendy Heller.

Mason Cox

Mason Cox is a Junior in the Intellectual History track of the German Department, pursuing certificates in Humanistic Studies, European Cultural Studies, and European Politics and Society. In addition to critical theory, the Frankfurt School, Leftist theory, and critiques on culture, his interests include epistemology, Marxism, literary theory, philology, ethical and political quagmires in universalisms, power, and aesthetics. Outside of his academic studies, Mason is the Editor-in-Chief and a founder of the journal “Foundations,” a senior editor for the Princeton Progressive, a member of numerous graduate-level workshops and reading groups, a lover of nature, and a proud Oregonian.

Jaclyn Hovsmith

Jaclyn Hovsmith is a Junior in the media and aesthetics track of the German Department pursuing certificates in Theatre and Computer Science. Her interests include performance studies and media theory, particularly the ways in which digital technologies impact modern performance spaces. On campus, she serves as a graphic designer for Triangle, USG, and PUP, as well as a writer for All-Nighter and a cast member of Triangle.

Thomas Jankovic

Thomas Jankovic is a Junior in the German Department pursuing certificates in Environmental Studies and Music Performance. His interests include German politics, energy policy, urban development, and Richard Strauss’s tone poems. With the department he will participate in Princeton in Munich and intern at the Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr, und Landesentwicklung in Wiesbaden and with Professor Michèle Knodt at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Outside of the department, he sits on the student advisory board for the Office of International Programs, plays French horn in the Princeton University Orchestra, and sings bass in Decem and Princeton’s oldest a cappella group, the Nassoons.

Leland Ko

Leland Ko is a Junior in the German Department, and his academic interests — ranging from aesthetic theory to Beethoven’s string quartets — all serve to enhance his love and understanding of music and music performance. He has plans to dig into learning about German Romanticism while in the department. As a cellist, he is a member of Opus 21 on campus, and is frequently involved in many other music-related activities off campus. Leland is also an active member of the club tennis team at Princeton, and has recently become a long-distance runner, which conveniently complements his passion for eating (and occasionally cooking) food.

Estibaliz Matulewicz

Estibaliz Matulewicz is a Junior in the media and aesthetics track of the German Department pursuing certificates in Visual Arts, Spanish, and European Cultural Studies. Her interests include the ways in which minority voices and experiences are presented and uplifted in various mediums, particularly in the visual arts and film. On campus, she serves as a board member for the Pace Council for Civic Values and as the Design Editor for The Nassau Weekly.

Danny Pinto

Danny Pinto is a Junior in the Philosophy and Intellectual History track of the German department pursuing a certificate in vocal performance. His academic interests center around the intersections of historiography, critical theory, the DDR, post-colonial theory, Marxisms, epistemology, transit, and the global history of the Left — particularly in Germany and South America. Outside of the classroom, Danny sings first tenor for both the Nassoons, Princeton’s oldest a cappella group, and the Glee Club, for which he also serves as the Archivist. Danny is also the Publisher and a founding member of the journal Foundations, the Ivy League’s first undergraduate academic journal of critical theory.