Undergraduate Departmental Majors

Class of 2018

Marc Decitre

Marc Decitre is a Senior in the intellectual history track of the German department, pursuing a certificate in Environmental Studies. His interests range from philosophies of language and religious existentialism to critical theory and sociology. In his senior thesis, which draws from german theorists of modernity (from the Frankfurt School to Ulrich Beck and Hartmut Rosa), he reframes and challenges contemporary environmental debates. Outside of the classroom, he directs and acts in plays for l’Avant Scene, Princeton’s french theater workshop, tutors incarcerated students with the Prison Teaching Initiative, and works on a small organic farm off campus.

Allison Fleming

Allison S. Fleming is a Senior in the German Department pursuing certificates in European Cultural Studies and Humanistic Studies. Her interests in German cover a wide range, including philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis, media theory, and romanticism. She plans to pursue a career in law or government after Princeton and sees the history of Germany as a fascinating socio-legal case study. Allison works as a research assistant in the department. Outside of the German Department she is involved with Princeton College Democrats, Chapel Choir, served a one year term as a student member on the Faculty-Student Sexual Misconduct Advisory Committee and currently sits on the Rights and Rules Committee. Additionally, she tutors students at local prisons through the Petey Greene program.

Spencer Hadley

Spencer Hadley is a Senior in the German Department, focusing on German Literature. His interests span a wide range of subjects, from modern literature (esp. Kafka, Mann), to poetry (esp. Rilke), to Romanticism, to Weimarer Klassik, to aesthetic theory. His Junior work focused on the German tradition of Bildung and the Bildungsroman in the fall and on intermediality and the nature of the beautiful in E.T.A. Hoffman’s capriccio Prinzessin Brambilla in the spring. Outside of his academic pursuits, Spencer is a jazz trumpeter, composer and pianist, active in many ensembles such as the Princeton University Creative Large Ensemble, and he is a member of Terrace Club.

Sang lee

Sang H. Lee is a Senior in the German Department pursuing a certificate in Creative Writing. His interests include German-Jewish intellectual history, critical theories of “community” and “communication,” and contemporary poetry and poetics. His senior thesis close reads the “outward and inward landscape” of Jerusalem in Paul Celan’s posthumous collection of poems; he is also writing a collection of poems as a second thesis in the Creative Writing Program. With the Department’s support, he has participated in Princeton in Munich and a summer internship at Zentrum UEBERLEBEN. On campus, he is a Peer Arts Advisor at the Lewis Center for the Arts and a member of the Real Food Co-op

Alexander Robinson

Alexander L. W. Robinson

Alexander L. W. Robinson is a Senior in the German Department whose interdisciplinary academic interests range from museology (in particular, the restoration and presentation of Medieval works) and 20th century literature to the societal role of Neoclassical architecture and contemporary art. He aims to inform his independent work by pursuing a deeper understanding of German media and aesthetics via their comparitive analysis with Portuguese cultural traditions. With the support of the Department, he has participated in Princeton in Munich; secured a legal internship through the German Summer Work Program; and studied abroad at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin via the Berlin Consortium for German Studies. On campus, Alexander sings Tenor 2 with Princeton’s signature all-male a cappella group, the Tigertones.

Class of 2019

J. Ryan Hileman

Ryan Hileman is a junior in the German Department pursuing a certificate in Russian Language and Culture. He is particularly interested in the division, reunification, and ongoing politics between East and West Germany, as well as the history of science, which he explored in his fall JP comparing Galileo’s own writing with Brecht’s later biographical investigation of Galileo himself. He spent last summer in Darmstadt, where he interned at the Coordinating Center for Refugee Integration at the Technische Universität with the Department’s support. Ryan is also a peer tutor in German and Russian and the treasurer of Terrace Club.

William S. Keiser

William S. Keiser is a Junior in the German Department pursuing a certificate in Dance. His particular interest is in Cultural Theory, specifically media theory as it relates to theories of Modernity. With the Department, he has participated in Princeton-in-Munich and will be studying this Spring at Freie Universität with the Berlin Consortium for German Studies. On campus, he is a dancer and choreographer for BodyHype and Princeton University Ballet as well as a writer for Business Today and Arch&Arrow.

Christian Lawson

Christian Lawson is a Junior in the German Department pursuing a certificate in Finance. His interests in German follow twentieth-century movements in music and film, ranging from the Viennese late-Romantic musical tradition through New German Cinema, and he is interested in understanding the realm of media and aesthetics through an interdisciplinary approach. Additionally, he has participated in Princeton in Munich and secured a German investment banking internship. Outside of the Department, he is a member of the Princeton Undergraduate Composers Collective, an outlet for new undergraduate music, and the Edwards Collective, an undergraduate arts and humanities residential community.