Undergraduate Program

Detailed information about all aspects of the Undergraduate Program in the German Department is available in the Undergraduate Handbook. A specialized publication with information regarding Independent Work in the German Department can also be downloaded here.

The requirement for admission to the department is a satisfactory working knowledge of German demonstrated by the completion of GERMAN 107, an SAT II subject test score of 740, or a grade of 4 or 5 on the advanced placement test.

The department offers six areas of concentration:

1. German Literature: 5 courses in German department (no more than one at 200-level); 3 cognates in related humanities departments and other disciplines such as philosophy and religion.

2. German Philosophy and Intellectual History: 6 courses in German department (at least 2 of which should be 300-level) and 2 relevant cognate courses in history, European cultural studies, or philosophy.

3. Media and Aesthetics: 6 courses in German department (at least 2 of which should be 300-level) and 2 relevant cognate courses from art and archaeology, music, European cultural studies, and the Program in Visual Arts.

4. Germanic Linguistics: Required to take Linguistics 201 Introduction to Language and Linguistics, Linguistics 214 Historical Linguistics, or another course in linguistics, and two graduate seminars (GER 505 History of the German Language, GER 506 Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy) and 3 courses in German literature and culture as well as one cognate course.

5. The Study of Literatures: 5 upper level-courses in German program and 3 upper-level courses in a second literature.

6. Joint Program in German Culture and Politics: 4 courses in the German department, 4 cognate courses in the Department of Politics (at least 2 on 300 level). One JP for German, one JP for POL. Thesis supervised in German department, but it may deal with any political topic acceptable to both departmental representatives. Upon completion of this program the two departments will issue a letter certifying completion of a program in German cultural studies with a concentration in politics.

Language Requirements and Departmentals: For areas 1, 4, and 5, at least three, and for areas 2, 3, and 6, at least two of the departmentals should be taught in German.

For more info contact Sarah Pourciau, Departmental Representative, 8-6149.