Princeton-in-Munich, the Department’s summer program in Munich, Germany will take place from May 31- June 24, 2016. Move into Dorm in Munich, Monday, May 30, 2016 (if you arrive before Monday you are responsible for your own housing). Orientation to Munich on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Classes begin on Wednesday morning, June 1, 2016. Final exam on Friday, June 24, 2016. Move out of Dorm before noon on Saturday, June 25, 2016; fly home. We offer three courses every June: German 105G (third semester), German 107G (fourth semester), and German 321G – Topics in Medieval Literature: The Song of the Nibelungs and the German National Myth.
These courses combine intensive instruction at the Goethe Institut with seminars on literature and culture (18 hours/week) led by Professors Michael Jennings and Sara Poor.

Requirements for Princeton-in-Munich:

  • If you’re new to German, enroll in German 101 in the fall; if you then take 102 in the spring, you can apply for admission to 105G in Munich.
  • If your performance in 101 makes you eligible to take the interim intermediate course 102-5 in the spring, you are automatically admitted to 107G. This track completes your language requirement in one calendar year.
  • If you have taken completed GER 107, you can apply for German 321G – Topics in Medieval Literature; a brief letter of recommendation from an instructor is a requirement as well as an oral interview.

Best of all, the German Department is able to offer these programs at a remarkably low price. In 2016, the fee will be $2,900 and will cover all instructional costs, housing in Munich, monthly pass on the Munich public transportation system, and offer a $1,000 travel subsidy for airfare. Financial aid is also available for students receiving assistance during the year. For more information on GER 105G & GER 107G contact Professor Michael Jennings (; for more information on GER 321G, contact Professor Sara Poor (

Deadlines: Students currently enrolled in 1025 who intend to take 107G must turn in their application form in 203 East Pyne by Friday, February 19. Applications for 105G are due on Friday, February 19; interviews for 105G will take place February 23-26 (signup list is posted on Prof. Jennings office door, 209 East Pyne); applicants for 105G will be notified of their status by February 28.

Students interested in GER 321G – Topics in Medieval Literature, must turn in their application form to 203 East Pyne by February 19, 2016. Application interviews for GER 321G will take place February 23 (signup list will be posted on Prof. Poor’s office door, 211 East Pyne); applicants will be notified of their status by February 28.

All applicants must notify Prof. Jennings and Prof. Poor of their final decision by March 7; the program deposit of $290 will be charged to applicants’ student account on March 25, 2016, at which point it is non-refundable.

Selection Criteria: For 107G: admission to German 1025, a final grade of B or higher in German 1025, and permission of 1025 instructor; for 105G: successful completion of German 102, instructor’s recommendation and an oral interview. Topics in Medieval Literature GER 321G, completion of German 107 instructor’s recommendation, and an oral interview.

Funding: applications for freshman and sophomores are available through; APPLICATION DEADLINE: MARCH 7. The Department of German can provide no additional funding for Freshmen and Sophomores. The Department will consider financial aid requests from juniors. No financial aid is available for seniors.