Study Abroad in Berlin

Through the Berlin Consortium for German Studies, of which Princeton University is a member, Princeton undergraduates are eligible to spend either one semester or an entire academic year studying abroad at the Freie Universität Berlin for full Princeton academic credit. Students will pay normal Princeton tuition, and those on financial aid will continue to receive aid during their study abroad. Details about the program and how to apply, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Departmental students wishing to enroll in this or any other foreign study program may do so, provided they present an acceptable plan of study that includes fulfillment of the departmental requirements for independent work and their application is approved by the Committee on Examinations and Standing. Early consultation with the Departmental Representative is strongly encouraged. Applications for the Berlin program are due in early November for the spring term and in early March for the following academic year. For application forms and additional information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Gisella Gisolo, Director, Study Abroad Program at (609) 258-1010.