How to Apply

*December 5th deadline for all application materials has been extended to Sunday, December 10th, 2017*

Important Notices for 2017-2018:
• Please apply early for the IFO Institute, Ruhr fellowships, and the Bundestag.
• Due to an increased volume of applications, applications and interviews are now on a rolling basis.

The application process includes:

  • On-line Internship Application
  • Interview
  • Supporting Materials
  • Work Permit Waiver / Visa Application
  • Funding Application

For detailed instructions and links, see below.

Application Schedule

Fall Semester

September 13th – November 1

  • Submit online application form
  • Sign up for interview
  • Attend Information Session in October


November 20th: Submit supporting materials

  • German CV
  • English CV
  • English Cover Letter
  • Degree Progress Report / Academic Record


December 10th: Final deadline for all application materials:

  • Revised German CV
  • German cover letter (if requested)
  • Language evaluation (if requested)
  • Faculty recommendation letter


Spring Semester

  • Company Interviews (if required)
  • Receive & Accept Internship Offer
  • Confirm Work Permit Waiver
  • Apply for Visa (if required)
  • Buy ticket
  • Find Housing
  • Register travel plans on Concur
  • Apply for funding through SAFE
  • Attend Spring Orientation sessions


How to apply: Detailed Instructions

I. Internship Application Form

Click here to apply

Application closes November 1st. Late applicants: please inquire.
II. Interview
Interviews available November 2nd-November 20th

To schedule an interview, go to the calendar for the Summer Work Program (netID: swp) in the
Web Appointment Scheduling Engine

If the available appointments do not suit your schedule, please contact to arrange a time.

The interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your proficiency in spoken German. We will ask you what you expect from an internship and the types of internships you are interested in. You can also tell us about how your unique academic, extra-curricular, and professional experiences that could be valuable to a prospective employer.
The interview is held at 224 East Pyne.

III. Supporting Materials Due November 20th / December 5th

Submission instructions: When you complete your Application Form, you will receive an invitation to a shared Google Folder for submitting your supporting materials. Only you and the Summer Work Program staff will have access to this shared folder.

    1. Resumes: German & English
    Format: Word Doc
    For sample CVs and GPA Conversion chart in pdf format, Click Here

    Most students need help writing their CV in German for the first time.

    The final draft is due December 5th

    (see below)

    A German “Profil” is slightly different from an American CV. Your German CV should include:

    • Name
    • Passport photo in business attire attached, preferably as jpeg
    • Contact information including address, phone number and E-mail
    • Date and place of birth
    • Citizenship
    • Education
    • Work experience
    • Computer skills
    • Extra-curricular activities, if relevant

    2. Cover Letter (English)
    Format: Word Doc
    In the Cover Letter, please describe your professional and academic interests, career goals, and the types of internships you are interested in.

    3. Degree Progress Report / Academic Record.

    You can obtain an official degree progress report from the Registrar.

    4. Work Permit Waiver Application

    Required for all non-EU Citizens. May be required for some EU-Citizens.

    What exactly is a “Work Permit Waiver?” As an intern, you are not required to obtain a “Work Permit” to attend an internship in Germany. However, the ZAV (German Federal Employment Agency / International Placement Services or Bundesagentur für Arbeit/ Zentrale Auslands und Fachvermittlung) requires proof that you qualify for a waiver. Since the process is quite complex, only agencies certified by the ZAV are permitted to submit applications. Princeton University has contracted Cultural Vistas to provide this service.

    For more information, contact:
    Katerina Holubova
    Senior Program Director, Internships Abroad
    Cultural Vistas
    212 • 497 • 3515 phone
    New York Headquarters
    440 Park Ave South, 2nd Floor,
    New York, NY 10016


IV. Supporting Materials Due Dec 5th
Any materials listed above not already submitted for any reason must be submitted by the final deadline. The following additional materials are also due:

    1. German CV – final version

    Please Note: Incomplete CVs containing spelling or formatting errors will not be considered. If your German CV needs editing, you will be required to attend a CV writing workshop during the last week in November. Due to a steady increase in applications over the last few years, we can no longer guarantee individual sessions for CV editing. If your CV still needs work after the December 5th deadline, there are still many internships for which you can apply in January.

    2. German Cover Letter – if required.
    Most internships do not require you to write a cover letter in German. We will let you know if one is required.

    3. Language Evaluation
    A language evaluation form is not required for the following students:

    • Native Speakers
    • German Majors
    • Students currently enrolled in German 101, 105, 107 or 207
    • Students who completed German 1025 in the Spring of 2017
    • Students who attended Princeton in Munich in the Summer of 2017

    Instructions for Faculty:

    • Paper: For a printable version of the SWP Language Evaluation Form PDF click here .
    • Email: If you prefer, you may send your recommendation letter by email from your Princeton email account to Your Princeton email identifies you and counts as a digital signature.
    • If you have any questions, please call Hannah Hunter-Parker at 609-258-4132 or email

    4. Faculty Recommendation Letter
    The recommendation letter must be written by an instructor at Princeton University, and may be the same person who completes the language evaluation.

      We advise the following:

    • Ask someone who knows you well, either from a course you are currently enrolled in or a course you took recently.
    • Send your Professor a link to the form and make sure it was received.
    • Do not wait until the last minute. Let your Professor know in advance that you will need the language evaluation.
    • It is a good idea to (politely) remind your Professor when the deadline approaches.

    Instructions for Faculty:

    • Paper: You may send a signed recommendation letter in a sealed envelope to:
      Summer Work Program, Department of German, 224 East Pyne, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544
    • Email: If you prefer, you may send your recommendation letter by email from your Princeton email account to Your Princeton email identifies you and counts as a digital signature.
    • If you have any questions, please call Hannah Hunter-Parker at 609-258-4132 or email