Princeton Dissertations 2004-2018

Jutta Schmitt Adams (PhD 2004), “Historical Fictions: Representations of Nineteenth-Century Jewish Salons” (Hahn)

Angiras Arya, “Ek-stasis: Emotion and Displacement in Rilke, Kafka, and Musil” (Jennings)

Timothy Attanucci (Ph.D. 2012), “Geo-Poetics: Adalbert Stifter, Earth and Life Sciences in the mid-19th century” (Vogl / Wegmann)

Florian Becker (Ph.D. 2008), “Epistemic Strategies in Twentieth-Century German Theatre: Brecht, Weiss, Müller” (Hinderer / Jennings)

Alison Beringer, (Ph.D. 2006), “Word and Image in the Klosterneuburger Evangelienwerk Manuscript and Cultural Contexts for the Vernacular Volume I and Volume II” (Curschmann)

Matthew H. Birkhold, (Ph.D. 2016) “Borrowing Werther: The Rise and Regulation of Fan Fiction in 18th-Century Germany” (Frey / Vogl)

Sonja Boos (Ph.D. 2008), “The Archimedean Podium: Public Speeches in Postwar Germany, 1953—1967” (Doherty / Hahn)

Mary Campbell, “Modes of Proof in the Literature of the High Middle Ages: Authenticating Relics, Using Ordeals, and Proving Sanctity” (Poor)

Ingrid Christian (Ph.D. 2012) “Horror Vacui: A Cultural History of ‘Air,’ 1890-1930” (Jennings / Vogl)

Lisa M. Cerami (Ph.D. 2010), “Ineffable Histories: German Mysticism at the Jahrhundertwende” (Jennings)

Marton Dornbach (Ph.D. 2004), “Acts of Understanding: Spontaneous Subjectivity, Hermeneutic Receptivity, and the Consequences of German Idealism” (Corngold)

Sarah Eldridge (Ph.D. 2012), “Conceiving Generation: The Novel and the Nuclear Family around 1800″ (Doherty / Vogl)

Megan M. Ewing (Ph.D. 2017), “ Rough Surfaces: The Collage Works of Rolf Dieter Brinkmann” (Jennings)

Kata Gellen Norberg (Ph.D. 2010), “Earwitnesses: Noise in German Modernist Writing” (Heller-Roazen / Jennings)

Nicola Gess (Ph.D. 2005), “Gewalt der Musik. Literatur und Musikkritik um 1800” (Levin; co-tutelle with Hartmut Böhme, Humboldt-Universität Berlin)

Joshua Gold (Ph.D. 2004), “’In Stürmen der Zeit’: Poetics and Revolution in the Works of Friedrich Hölderlin” (Corngold)

Angela Holzer (Ph.D. 2011), “Rehabilitation Roms: Die römische Antike in der deutschen Kultur zwischen Winckelmann und Niebuhr” (Wegmann / Weigel)

Michael House (Ph.D. 2009), “Grounding Fictions: Systematic Skepticism and Critical Doubt 1792-1807” (Jennings / Wegmann)

Mark Ilsemann (Ph.D. 2011), “Creaturely Lives: Romanticism and the Rhetoric of Natural History” (Corngold)

Christian Jany (Ph.D. 2015), “Scenographies of Perception: Recasting the Sensuous in Hegel, Novalis, Rilke, Proust” (Doherty / Brodsky)

Daniel Kashi, “Verschollenheit. Property and capital, Presence and Absence in the long 19th century” (Fore / Nagel)

Alana King (Ph.D. 2014), “Mysticism & Confessional Conflict in Post-Reformation Germany: The Mystical Theology of Valentin Weigel (1533-1588)” (Poor)

Jeffrey Kirkwood, (Ph.D. 2014), “Cinema Non Facit Saltus: Early German Cinema and Experimental Psychology” (Levin)

Peter Kuras (Ph.D. 2014), “Early Cinema and Dogmatic Jurisprudence” (Levin)

Hannes Mandel (Ph.D. 2018), Readers’ Lore. Media, Literature, and the Making of Folk-Lore (Wegmann / Levin)

Jonathan Martin (Ph.D. 2018), “The Romance of Love and Law: Marriage in Twelfth-Century German Romance” (Poor)

May Mergenthaler (Ph.D. 2007), “Ein Unendlicher Dialog: Das Projekt der Frühromantik in den Athenaeums-Fragmenten” (Hahn / Wedemeyer)

Michael McGillen (Ph.D. 2012), “Eschatology and the Reinvention of History: Theological Interventions in German Modernism, 1920-1938” (Jennings)

Jakob Norberg (Ph.D. 2008), “Sociability and its Enemies, Political Theory and Literature in West Germany After 1945” (Hahn / Jennings)

Frederic Ponten (Ph.D. 2017), “Collaborating with the Enemy Wartime Analyses of Nazi Germany” (Wegmann / Gordin)

Sarah Pourciau (Ph.D. 2007), “Explications: Etymology as Language Science, 1822-1941” (Hahn / Jennings)

Günter Schmidt (Ph.D. 2004), “The Legacy of Chronos: Temporality of Revolution in Culture, Sciences, and Politics” (Levin)

Tanvi Solanki, (Ph.D. 2016), “Reading as Listening: The Birth of Cultural Acoustics 1760-1804″ (Wegmann)

Petra Spies (Ph.D. 2012), “Original Compiler: Notation as Textual Practice in Theodor Fontane” (Wegmann)

Mareike Stoll, (Ph.D. 2015), “Schule des Sehens: German Photobooks as reading machines and sites of knowledge in the 1920s and 1930s” (Jennings / Weigel)

Michael Taylor (Ph.D. 2007), “Moving Bodies: Poetic Theatricality in the Late Enlightenment” (Hahn / Wedemeyer)

Brian Tucker (Ph.D. 2004), “Reading Riddles: Rhetorics of Obscurity from Romanticism to Freud” (Corngold)

Matthew Vollgraff, “The Science of Expression: a cultural history of Ausdruckskunde, 1888-1941” (Jennings)

Tobias Wilke (Ph.D. 2008), “Medien der Unmittelbarkeit. Dingkonzepte und WahrnehmunGstechniken 1918-1939” (Levin; co-tutelle with Dorothee Kimmich, Universität Tübingen)