Atussa Mohtasham

PhD Student
Atussa Mohtasham

Atussa Hamamoto Mohtasham joined the German Department in Fall 2018. She received a B.A. in Comparative Literature and German Studies and a Minor in Iranian Studies from Stanford University before starting her Ph.D. at Princeton. She spent a year as a DAAD Undergraduate Scholar at the Universität Heidelberg studying German language, literature, and philosophy. Her overarching interest is in modernity and the intertwined histories of literature, philosophy, and science. Specific interests include the philosophy of identity and difference, German Romanticism, Naturphilosophie, the transformation and critique of subjectivity, Expressionism, Nietzsche and his legacy, the question of high and low in art, and the philosophy of sense perception and attention. She has an auxiliary interest in German Orientophilia and Germany’s reception of Persian and Islamic culture.

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