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Unser schreibzeug arbeitet mit an unseren gedanken. Friedrich Nietzsche
Our writing tools are also at work on our thoughts. (Friedrich Nietzsche in a letter to his secretary Peter Gast. February 1882)
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The Princeton German Department explores the language, literatures, intellectual history, arts and media of Germany and German-speaking cultures from the Middle Ages to the present. Our highly diverse and distinguished faculty employ the critical tools of multiple disciplines to investigate and appreciate the wide range of German cultural production, its significance for–and reception of–other cultures, and its continued importance for our current historical moment.


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Summer School for Media Studies - Keynote

“Future Auditions: Gramophonic Voice Letters and the Inscription of the Absent Other”

June 17, 2024
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Summer School for Media Studies

Media Subjects: How Does Media Address the Individual?

June 17, 2024