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Ich verdiene mit einem Wort mein tägliches Brot durch Denken, Grübeln, Bohren, Graben, Sinnen, Dichten, Untersuchen, Forschen und Spazieren so sauer wie irgendeiner. Robert Walser
In a word, I earn my daily bread by thinking, brooding, drilling, digging, contemplating, poetizing, examining, researching, and walking – just as bitterly as anyone else. (The Walk, 1917)
Move Down
Views from Weimar
September 16
November 5, 2019 4:30pm - 6:00pm

The Princeton German Department explores the language, literatures, intellectual history, arts and media of Germany and German-speaking cultures from the Middle Ages to the present. Our highly diverse and distinguished faculty employ the critical tools of multiple disciplines to investigate and appreciate the wide range of German cultural production, its significance for–and reception of–other cultures, and its continued importance for our current historical moment.


Sketch from Holocaust survivor of a makeshift performance area
Fall 2019 Concert Series

Music from Theresienstadt [Terezín]

November 9, 2019
Artwork depicting an Earth-like plance with etheral wisps emitting from an open book

Storyworlds: Open-ended Story Universes Across Time, Cultures, and Media

November 16, 2019
Painting of stormy ocean with solitary person standing on beach
2019 Fall Lecture Series

“1809: A Genealogy of the Present”

December 3, 2019