Summer Graduate Seminar

Call for Applications Princeton Munich Summer Graduate Seminar

Illustrated artwork of Statue of Liberty with individuals shaking arms

Illustration called Statue of Liberty by Keith Haring (1986).

“Dissent and Discord: Practices, Politics, and Poetics.”

June 9-13, 2024

Joel LandeSusanne Reichlin, and Carlos Spoerhase


We are pleased to announce the second annual LMU-Princeton Summer Seminar. This year’s seminar will focus on the different ways that cultures regulate the expression of discord as well as the vital yet precarious role that controversy plays in the creation and sustenance of social order. Our focus will be on what Immanuel Kant once called our “unsocial sociability,” the dynamic tension of integrative and disintegrative forces that make human society possible. Disagreement contains constructive as well as destructive potential—indeed, disagreement solicits and spurs on violence, but it is also a source of creative energies. By considering different institutions, discourses, and genres, we hope to explore the historical modalities of expressed disagreement as well as its contribution to modern pluralistic society.

The call for applications is available and via related link (below)