Kathrin Witter

PhD Student
Kathrin Witter

Kathrin Witter is writing her dissertation about the reception of what is often called ‘Frankfurt School’ in the GDR. Her MA thesis on the philosophies of Theodor W. Adorno and Walter Benjamin regarding their concepts of what they would sometimes call ‘micrology’ was mainly concerned with questions of truth and representation and the relation of philosophy and philology. Beyond this question she has worked and published on G.W.F. Hegel , literary realism and Georg Lukács and authors like Thomas Mann, Ingeborg Bachmann and Heiner Müller. Further research interests include aesthetic theory and antisemitism in Germany during National Socialism and beyond. Kathrin joined the Princeton German Department in Fall 2018. She held a scholarship by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation and a merit grant by the Princeton University Center for Human Values. The anthology “Ultima philosophia. Zur Transformation von Metaphysik nach Adorno” recently appeared with Neofelis.

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