Ron Sadan

PhD Student
Ron Sadan

Ron Sadan studies the interconnections between literary modernism, intellectual and cultural history, and social and political history.  His dissertation examines models of readership in the journalistic engagement of Aby Warburg, Siegfried Kracauer, and Walter Benjamin.  With Jane O. Newman (UC Irvine), he is co-translator of Erich Auerbach’s early essays on Giambattista Vico, scheduled to appear with an introduction in a forthcoming issue of Comparative Literature.  A second project investigates relays between literature and visual arts in the “emblematic” art of France and Germany in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  It recovers the significance of the rediscovery of the Baroque emblem for poetry, from Baudelaire to Gertrud Kolmar, for the graphic works of Paul Klee, and for the texts and films of Alexander Kluge.  His research has been supported by the DAAD, the Fulbright Commission in Germany, the Princeton Hyde Fellowship, the Princeton Center for Judaic Studies, and others.  Ron is a graduate of St. John’s College in Annapolis.  He joined the Department in 2015.


Vigilant Readers: German Cultural Criticism in the Age of the Newspaper, 1880-1930

Michael Jennings