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To submit a news story that you would like considered for the German Department’s website or Instagram profile, please submit the form below.

Stories submitted should have something to do with Princeton University students, faculty, staff or alumni.

Stories should be of interest to the German Department and its audience.

Stories may not endorse, or provide or solicit financial or other support for candidates for public office or partisan political organizations.

All stories that are submitted will be reviewed by a German Department staff member. The department reserves the right to accept, reject, edit, or remove submissions.

All stories should be submitted with an image, but if no image is available, please contact Fiona Romaine.

You may not upload copyrighted or offensive images. Photos that include people such as guest speakers, students, etc. must have the permission of all of the people in the photo in order to publish the photo on the website. This includes screenshots from Zoom or other web conferencing platforms.

Stories are required to observe Princeton University policies stated in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities.

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Image requirements:
- JPEG or PNG, horizontal/landscape format
- Minimum size 1800 x 1348 pixels
- Maximum size 4500 x 3300 pixels / 25 MB

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Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png.
One of the two items below must be selected in order for a news story to be considered for publication.

(Include a brief sentence and photography credit. If the image is from another publication, credit that publication.)

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Any document related to the news article (not including the News Image)

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