Gerardo Veltri ’15

Black and white portrait of Gerardo Veltri

While at Princeton, I found myself most drawn to the professors and classes in the German Department; therefore, when the time came, it made perfect sense to declare German as my major. And to the department’s credit, I had the wonderful opportunity to not only refine my German but also read and translate Middle High German courtly literature. Despite being a humble undergraduate, the professors took my writing seriously and challenged me to focus my ideas, refine my arguments and find the intersection of my academic interest and the wider scholarly discussion.


These days I work in Data Science and Software Engineering, developing tools and applications that support large enterprise technology ecosystems. My college education could not be further in subject matter from my current profession, yet my academic experience was invaluable for all the reasons any Liberal Arts graduate will tell you. Most importantly, it was thrilling and unique—not many can say the same.


“In-Betweens In Middle High German Arthurian Romance”

Sara S. Poor