Graduate Student Workshop

Histories of Sexuality and Erudition: Institutions, Texts, Practices

May 10, 2019
1:30 – 5:00 pm
211 Dickinson Hall

This two-day workshop will explore links between sexuality and the lived practices of knowledge production across different contexts and cultures. How have conceptions of sexual difference and institutions of research and learning inflected each other? What role has sexuality played in the material and embodied constraints that shape knowledge production and transmission? Scholars have explored these questions—notably, in recent work on classical reception studies and gender in the history of science. However, we lack a thorough exploration of the different configurations of erudition and sexuality, while important conceptual work This workshop will be held at Princeton University on May 10–11, 2019. Papers of around 5,000 words will be pre-circulated two weeks in advance of the event. Participants will be organized into thematic panels. Each participant will provide an opening statement before workshopping feedback. The workshop will end in a concluding discussion moderated by two senior scholars.

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