Graduate Student Conference

Topologies of Reading

March 30, 2012
8:30 am – 6:45 pm
010 East Pyne
Topologies of Reading graphic

Keynote Speaker: Helmut Müller-Sievers

“Extrinsic Curvature: On the Topology of 19th Century Narrative Prose”


8:30–9:00AM Coffee


9:00AM Opening Remarks

Tanvi Solanki and Alice Christensen (Princeton)


9:15–10:45AM Mapping Passages

Chair: Nikolaus Wegmann

Betiel Wasihun (Oxford): The Impossibility of Progress – Architectural Absurdity in Kafka’s Der Process

Respondent: Mareike Schildmann

Stefan Hanß (FU-Berlin): Spatial Topologies of Reading in Classical Weimar? The Ducal Library, the Organization of Knowledge, and the Lending Library’s Users around 1800

Respondent: Carolina Malagon


10:45–11:00AM Coffee


11:00AM–12:30PM Fluctuating Forms

Chair: Devin Fore

Karin Kröger (Weimar, Erfurt, Jena): Reading Mathematics: Notational Iconicity as Topology and vice versa

Respondent: Frederic Ponten

Michael Sanchez (Columbia): 1969: Process, Mobility, Financialization

Respondent: Megan Ewing


12:30–1:45PM Lunch


1:45–3:15PM Keynote Address

Helmut Müller-Sievers (Colorado-Boulder): Extrinsic Curvature: On the Topology of 19th Century Narrative Prose

Moderator: Michael W. Jennings


3:15–5:00PM Shifting Lines

Chair: Christiane Frey

Björn Märtin (Humboldt/Potsdam/Frankfurt (Oder)): Poetics of Affection: The Unknown Reader and the Container of Literature

Respondent: Sarah Eldridge

Jakob Heller (Humboldt): The Republic of Letters and its Aftermath. Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, Arno Schmidt and Peter Sloterdijk

Respondent: Mladen Gladic

William Stovall (Yale): Gloss/Glossa: Reading The Arcades Project

Respondent: Matthew Vollgraff


5:00–5:15PM Coffee


5:15–6:45PM Registering Senses

Chair: Sara S. Poor

Hartley Miller (Princeton): Reading Love: the Medieval Romance of Flamenca and the Floating Text

Respondent: Hannah Hunter-Parker

Virgil Brower (Northwestern): Geneaology of Orals & Topography of Tongues: The Orality of Reading and Writing in Nietzsche, Kittler, Deleuze, and Cixous

Respondent: Julian Petri


6:45PM Reception

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