Faculty Publication

The German Department is happy to announce two new books from Professor Emeritus Stanley Corngold

Book covers side by side

Dust jacket covers of Weimar in Princeton: Thomas Mann and the Kahler Circle, and The Mind in Exile: Thomas Mann in Princeton.

Weimar in Princeton: Thomas Mann and the Kahler Circle:

This work treats Mann’s early years in America and his encounters with a group of highly gifted émigrés in Princeton, which came to be called the Kahler Circle, with Mann at its center. Chief among these émigrés were Mann’s best friend, Erich Kahler; Kahler’s best friend, Hermann Broch; and their much admired neighbor, Albert Einstein.


The Mind in Exile: Thomas Mann in Princeton:

This work treats Thomas Mann’s intellectual and political development during the crucial years of his exile, from 1938-1941, in Princeton.  Here, he lectured at the university on Goethe and Wagner and Mann himself and wrote most of Die vertauschten Köpfe (The Transposed Heads), completed Lotte in Weimar, and began the fourth part of his Joseph-tetralogy, Joseph der Ernährer  (Joseph the Provider). With Princeton as his home at 65 Stockton Street, he traveled across America, lecturing on the values of democracy and encouraging America’s participation in the war against Nazi Germany.