Certificate Program

New info about the Certificate in German Language and Culture


Certificate in German Language and Culture

The Department of German offers students an opportunity to do sustained work in German language, literature, philosophy, art, and media while majoring in another department, leading to a Certificate in German Language and Culture. Certificate students can choose from the broad range of course offerings taught in both English and German. Classes extend from the middle ages to the contemporary moment, introduce diverse disciplinary perspectives including art history and philosophy, and engage with multiple critical paradigms, such as gender and media studies. Through vibrant classroom discussions and close advising relationships, the certificate program engages students who wish to advance their command of the German language and deepen their understanding of German culture.

The certificate program is open to undergraduates in all departments. Students are encouraged to consult with the departmental representative as early as in their freshmen or sophomore year to plan a program of study, but should not hesitate to contact the departmental representative about joining the certificate program at a later date.

Course Requirements:

1.Four courses at the 200 level or higher, at least two of which must be at the 300 level or higher. All courses must be taken for a grade (not PDF).

2.Evidence of substantial upper-level coursework in German. This requirement will be satisfied if three of the four course taken for the certificate were conducted in German, or if two were taught in German and one was conducted in English with a substantial German-language component. This option is available for all course taught in in the German Department as well as courses in other departments cross-listed with German. Students should consult with the course instructor regarding the German-language component at the beginning of the semester and submit the agreed-upon plan to the German departmental representative for approval by the end of the second week of classes.

Independent Work Requirement:

There are three ways to fulfill the Independent Work Requirement:

(A) - A substantial paper (15–20 pages if in English, 10–15 pages if in German; may be a revised version of a paper written for one of the four required courses)

(B) - A chapter from the senior thesis principally devoted to a German-related topic

(C) - An additional 300-level class taught in German.