Graduate Student Symposium

Superstition and Magic in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods

Princeton’s 24th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference in Medieval Studies
April 20, 2018
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
202 Jones Hall

In an age when authorities attempt to assault our modern modes of critical thinking, the term “superstition), urgently needs reappraisal. This conference proposes the examination of a wide range of evidence in various genres over time in order to foster this dialogue. In returning to the original meaning of “superstition” as an excessive fearfulness or belief, or a misapprehended and abused knowledge of a supernatural subject, how can we refine our understanding of superstition and magic in the premodern world? How can we make the overlaps between science, superstition, and magic productive?

Co-organized by:

Jonathan Martin, PhD, Department of German 2018

Sonja Andersen, Graduate Student, Department of German